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The entire resort is smoke free to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for all guests, avoid forest fires and prevent that our beautiful place gets contaminated with cigarette buds.

Located far from populated areas we enjoy a low grade of electro-magnetic radiation. Instead of the traffic noise of urbanized areas, here you will be able to relax in the silence of nature. Listen to the singing birds. Hear the soft breeze of the wind blowing through the trees. And breath …

All treatments are given in our therapy building, which is located near the outdoor natural swimming pool and sauna.

Whether you want to join others or need time for yourself, the resort offers many pleasant sitting areas.

Discover more of Torres de Selma. Walk through the forest, along the lakes or just make a stroll through the garden. Our 37 hectares are ready to connect you with nature.


Our Ayurvedic restaurant ‘NALÚ’ serves dishes with freshly picked vegetables. We flow with the seasons of the year. The chef creates menus with the vegetables that grow in our organic garden or stem from nearby organic/eco origins. We will be happy to serve you our tasty and healthy fresh soups, salads and other dishes.


The juice of the day or the herbal tea with herbs from our permaculture garden will revitalize you. Make your choice from our rich selection of herbal teas and savour it in one of the quiet sitting areas around the premises. Breath in the silence, sounds and pure prana of the forest and mountains surrounding the property and feel one with nature.

Our pride to quench every thirst is with GRANDER® water. This beautiful vitalising pure water is a gift from Mother Nature. Everywhere on Torres de Selma this refreshing drinking water comes from the tap.


Our guesthouse is located in the oldest part of Torres de Selma. The very first construction of the building started around the year 945. Many parts have been added since. From 2016 to 2023 we carried out a comprehensive renovation. Authentic details have been preserved as much as possible, while adding modern technological solutions to guarantee you a comfortable stay in accordance with the present day standards you may expect from an eco-wellness resort.

The contrast between new and old gives the building a fantastic ambience. The old walls with their rounded forms and the small windows in the immensely thick walls take you back to the building’s history. The glass doors let the sunbeams shine through, bringing light and openness. Besides the 8 bedrooms, there are 4 lounge areas, a small library in the old tower and numerous terraces around the building.

Rooms and Lounge areas

Restaurant and Multi-functional Space



Biological Cotton

Our COCO-MAT sheets and towels are made of organic cotton. Ironing may shorten the durability of this type of cotton. Therefore we do not iron the sheets. In that way we use slightly less electricity. Another small but for us important contribution to the protection of the environment.

Need to knows & Nice to knows



CHECK-IN according to package program. Please take into account that the last 4 km is a dirt road and that it will take you about 15 minutes to cover that distance and arrive at Torres de Selma. CHECK-OUT according to package program.



There is no mobile phone coverage in our eco-valley and we have no Wi-Fi. The low electro-magnetic radiation on and around our resort gives you an option to choose for a digital detox during your stay. However, in case you need an internet connection, every room has a wall-socket RJ45. In that case, please bring your own adaptor.

Water Purification

Water Purification

The waste-water is purified with special plants, bacteria and lava. Pay attention to what you flush. Keep everything as pure as possible. Detergents, care and cleaning products, may disturb the natural balance of the water purification. Please use our high quality Lavender products and help to keep our water purification system healthy.



Electricity is based on solar panels and storage with batteries. Let’s all be economical with electricity together.



The hot water comes partly from the solar collectors and partly from the wood stove. Our forest gives us warmth during wintertime and cloudy days. The sun will warm up the water when it shines brightly during the day.


Sun cream

Please pay attention when using sun-cream while swimming and showering. Not all sun-protection products are environment and human friendly. We offer the totally natural and highly effective sun-cream from Sol de Ibiza in our shop.



Our 6 dogs provide a cosy and safe environment. Therefore, we can unfortunately not receive dogs as guests in our resort.



Including all buildings and outside we are a smoke free property.
Rooms and Lounge areas

Renovated with the same natural materials, each of the rooms has a different look and a special feature you won’t find in the other rooms. This is due to the location of the different rooms and, of course, the size of the room. 3 rooms on the first floor off the century-old building. The other rooms have their own access from outside. The ground floor is fully available for you to relax, with lounge areas and quiet corners.


Rain Shower

Natural Soaps

Towels & Linen

Daily cleaning

No pets allowed


Sleep on Nature, sleep on COCO-MAT. The products are handmade in northern Greece. The mattresses and beds are made using only natural materials from sustainable sources; such as coconut fibre, natural rubber latex, wool, organic cotton, sea grass, horse hair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.

Restaurant and Multifunctional room

Restaurant Nalú was built between the old walls of a ruin in 2022. This building is equipped with a modern kitchen and a very special table. The size of the table is 6 metres long and one and a half metres wide. With ease, 22 people can sit at this table. Eating and enjoying together is the motto.

On the 1st floor is a multifunctional room, to be used for yoga, meditations, meetings and, of course, parties. With a view of the forest and when all the windows are open, it gives a special indoor-outdoor feeling.


To support therapies, there is a natural swimming pond and a sauna. In accordance with your individual treatment plan, you can enjoy these facilities.

There are also plenty of lovely terraces, in the sun or shade, near the building or just in the woods. Listen to the wind blowing through the trees, close your eyes and just Be…


The surroundings of Torres de Selma offer many possibilities. Short walks close to the buildings, hikes of several hours, mountain bike routes or just relax in the hammock or on one of the terraces.

We organise regular walks around the property to explain the retention basins (lakes) created in 2020 and 2022. At the pace of nature, we will apply permaculture on the site step by step.

Blau del Mirall

For the development of their brand the founders, Esther Vallès and José Cano, set very high standards of quality and responsibility. Consequently they applied all their knowledge and experience to create the range of BLAU DEL MIRALL artisan, honest, natural, and Mediterranean cosmetic products. They manufacture everything with 100% natural ingredients and free from animal cruelty, values that perfectly align with both theirs and our philosophy and way of life.