Eco-Wellness Resort


A unique holistic Ayurveda centre
in the Catalonian mountains of Spain



We offer our rooms as Bed and Breakfast before we start with the Ayurveda packages in October. Complete the form for more information.

Eco-Wellness Resort Torres de Selma offers the perfect ambience to improve your health and well-being. Our team of certified holistic Indian therapists is ready to give you an authentic Ayurvedic treatment. It will change your life. The tranquillity and natural ambience of the forests and mountains around us, as well as the low radiation level of the area, will further support and enhance your well-being. What completes the picture is the care with which we choose eco-friendly materials in and around the guesthouse to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Welcome to an unforgettable holistic experience

Hidden in the business of Life
We flow with the seasons...
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